5 Reasons Why Google Stop Google Plus Service

5 Reasons Why Google Stop Google Plus Service

Hello friends, 5 Reasons Why Google Stop Google Plus Service? If you want to know anything or search google, if you want to mail someone, gmail, or if you want to watch videos for entertainment then Youtube, or if you want to save something then google drive. In a way, google is an important tool to make our internet experience better.

Google has discontinued one of its important services, Google Plus (also known as Google+). However, most people will not even know what is Google Plus and its usefulness. But those who write a blog or website will know what Google+ is because they have often shared their posts or blog article on Google Plus.

So, friends, today we will know why Google discontinued one of its services and how it would affect a blogger. First we will know something about Google Plus.

What is Google Plus?

Google plus which is also called Google+ or G +. Google plus is Google’s Social Media Serviceing website that can connect to each other via the Internet, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Google launched Google’s own social networking service in June 2011 to compete with Facebook and Twitter.

5 Reasons Why Google Stop Google Plus Service
5 Reasons Why Google Stop Google Plus Service

Why did Google make Google Plus?

Before knowing why Google Plus was stop? Let’s first know why Google Plus was made into Google. What was Google’s plan to make Google Plus? The answer is very simple:

To establish their dominance on social media platforms and to compete with social media giant like Twitter, Facebook.
How to connect users to different services and products of Google, how Youtube, Gmail and Plus etc.
And one important thing is to make money by advertising as much as possible by providing platform to the user.

Why did you stop the Google+ Plus service?

In October 2018, Google announced that from April 2, 2019, the google plus service consumer and brand account will be closed.

Google ne had spent a lot of resources and money on Google Plus. Despite this, he could not establish his dominance in front of social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Google Plus had around 540 million users, of which almost half did not visit the user website. Most users were not active, which is why the New York Times called Google plus Ghost Town. On google plus, users used to spend less time or say that they did not come.

Google Plus could not engage and connect like Facebook and twitter. Despite having sufficient resources and services such as Gmail, Youtube, and the Google Play Store, Google Plus failed to connect with all of them.
What things should blogger keep in mind

Google has issued an advisory that all private and post data of costumer account and brand page can be downloaded and placed in google cloud as soon as possible. Therefore, you should be able to download and save all your containers which are on Google Plus or you can also delete all your activities of Google Plus.

If you have kept a link to your Google Plus brand page on your website and blog, then it should be removed. If you are using a custom theme, then the Google Plus icon should also be removed from the footer of the website or blog.

You should share and promote your blog post to some other social media. If your user follow on Google Plus brand page was very large, then you can request all those followers that they can re-connect by contacting you through Facebook or other social media.

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