5 Ways to Make High Quality Backlink

5 Ways to Make High Quality Backlink

Here we will know 5 ways to make high quality backlink.

Guest Blogging

Guest post or guest blogging is considered best for high quality backlink. You can get Do Follow Backlink by posting guest on any high authority site.

For this, first you have to find other high authority sites related to your website which accept guest posts.

Then by contacting them, you will write a good article, in that article you will give a link to your site or a particular page and then submit that article to that site.

The owner of that blog will check the post given by you, if you have written the post according to the policy of their guest post, then it will be published.

And in such a way, you will get do follow backlink from high authority site, this way backlink is very important to increase authority and traffic of your site.

Now the question is, how do we find the website for guest post, for this, after writing the topic of your website in Google, type a guest post after giving space and then search.

You will see many results, from which you can choose high authority site for guest post.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s time, your account will be on almost all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, sharechat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora etc.

Now make a page of your website’s name on these platforms and put the URL of your site in your profile on these platforms, from this you will also get Do Follow Backlink and on the page you have created, you can add your blog or page and post Will be able to share.

Social platform The more you share, the more you will get backlink and the traffic on your site will increase rapidly.

Keep in mind that before sharing the URL of your site on the social platform, understand the policy there, otherwise your website’s link may be blocked on that platform.

70% of the traffic coming from social media platform comes from Facebook and many times we share too many links on Facebook, due to which Facebook blocks our domain.

If your domain is blocked once by Facebook, then it is very difficult to unblock it. If your domain is also blocked in Facebook, then a guide to unblock it is given below.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a very easy way to create backlink, while commenting on other high authority site related to your website, you can give a link to your site or a particular page.

While commenting, after submitting your name below email and below the URL of your website or a post, you will submit a comment related to that post below.

Most comment backlink is no follow but comment backlink is also follow on some site.

Along with do follow, it is also necessary to create no follow backlink, do follow backlink increases the authority and ranking of your site while on the other hand no follow backlink makes your site natural.

Join Forum

You can create a do follow backlink by joining forums related to your website and adding a link to your site in profile.

Apart from this, while answering questions on the forum, you can put a link to your site or post in that answer and in this way you can increase your traffic by 10 percent by giving 20 minutes to the forum.

The link you will give in the profile of the forum will become Do Follow Backlink, but the link you will enter when asking questions or while answering the questions will become a follow backlink.

You can create a follow backlink in the profile by joining Quora and do a follow backlink while answering questions or quora.

Be aware that immediately after joining quora, if you do not give a link in your question or answer, then it is good to write quality questions and answer for the first few days.

This will make the authority of your profile on quora good, then after 1 or 2 months you can give a link to your site in every question or answer.

If you start linking your site to Quora as soon as you join, then quora will feel that you have come to promote your site only on its platform and may block your ID.

Directories Submission

5 Ways to Make High Quality Backlink
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After Google’s new update, directories submission does not make much difference, but still you can get backlink by submitting your site link in directories by looking at some time.

For this, you have to submit the link of your blog in high quality directories because if you create a backlink of low quality, it will increase your site’s spam score.
5 ways to make high quality backlink

Where you can create a backlink and how much you have made for your website, you can check it with any free or paid backlink checker tool.

But in these tools your backlink will be visible only when it is indexed. 24 or 48 hours after making your backlink or sometimes 1 week after Google’s crawler will crawl it only then it will be index and only then you will be able to check it in any tool.

By the way, the backlink checker tool is free and paid as well, but with the help of free tool here, we will check the backlink of our site.

And the name of this tool is small SEO tool With the help of this tool you can check the authority, traffic etc. of your website or blog.

With the help of Small SEO tool, click on this link to check the backlink of your site.

After clicking on the link, you will come to the small SEO tool backlink check page, and after putting your domain in the box here, click on the check backlink.

After clicking on Check backlink, a little process will be done and where you have created a backlink for your website and how much backlink is there, whatever is indexed will be visible.

If you want to see Do Follow and no follow backlink of your website separately then you can use semrush paid tool.

Hope you have liked this post 5 ways to make high quality backlink.

5 ways to make high quality backlink You can make high quality backlink for your site by following the things mentioned in this post.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, 5 ways to make high quality backlink , then do comment below. Thank you

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