How to Create High Quality Backlinks

How to Create High Quality Backlinks

How to Create High Quality Backlinks

Whether you are creating dofollow backlink or no follow backlink, it must confirm that the domain authority and page authority of that site must be high.

All backlink made from high authority site is of high quality. And this increases the authority of your site.

  • Low Quality Backlinks

Not making backlink to other site related to the topic on which your blog is on, and making backlink to other site related to other topic as well as taking backlink from site like sex, porn, gambling, hanking etc. is called low quality backlink.

So this kind of low quality backlink is only and only harmful for your site, so check DA, PA before making a backlink.

  • External Link

While writing our post, if we add a link to another website in our post, this is called external link, in such a way, a link to a high authority site should be given in our article.

External links also help a lot in ranking our web pages in the search engine, so definitely put a link from 3 to 5 to a high authority site in every post.

To check the quality of any website, you can check its DA, (domain authority) PA, (page authority) traffic and Alexa rank.

  • Internal links

While writing the post, if you add a link to your website and any other post related to the same post, then it is called internal link.

It is not necessary that you will do internal or external linking while writing the post, you can update the post at any time.

In order to rank your web pages in search engine and increase the session, internal linking is very important.

It is not appropriate to do too much linking, so the visitor has difficulty in reading the post. You can do up to two percent linking in your post.

Even you have understood what kind of high quality backlinks are there, now we will take further information about
How to create High Quality Backlinks?

Creating a lot of backlinks in a single day is spamming in the eyes of Google, so you keep making a few backlinks every day from a limit.

Backlink You can create many ways Many people create backlinks in the wrong way, so they harm them instead of profit.

To make backlinks properly and methodically, watch the video below. In this video, it is also mentioned to make backlinks from three high authority sites and check the authority of those sites.

Now further we will learn to check DA, (domain authority) and PA (page authority) of our site or any other site.

How to Create High Quality Backlinks
How to Create High Quality Backlinks

How to check DA, PA

There are many free and paid tools available to check DA, PA, but here we will check authority with the help of pay free tool websiteseochecker.

The websiteseochecker tool is free and paid as well, you can check domain authority, page authority, traffic and Alexa rank in its free version.

Right now in this tool you can take some features for free, but maybe it will be fully paid later.

Follow the steps given below to check the websiteseochecker tool domain and page authority.

Step 1: Go to this link to check domain and page authority websiteseochecker

Step 2: After clicking on the above link, you will come to the page which checks domain and page authority of websiteseochecker tool.

Step 3: Now here you have to enter your domain inside the box and then click on the check as shown in the picture below to the authority of

To measure the authority of the domain and page, a calculation is made from 0 to 100 numbers, that is, the higher the number, the better the authority and ranking of that site.

You can also check your site’s spam score on websiteseochecker tool. If you are spamming in the eyes of Google, then your site’s Spaim score increases, which adversely affects your site’s ranking.

Many times we create backlink incorrectly on another site, we come back by creating backlink but after few days the moderator of that site finds the backlink you created wrong then put the link you have given in the spam list. is.

So in this way a lot of backlink created by you starts getting added to the spam list, then Google increases your site’s Spam score and if too much Google can block your site.

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