How To Create Paypal Account? latest method for 2020

How To Create Paypal Account

In this article, we would discuss about How To Create Paypal Account. we give you step by step thing you have to do to create paypal account.

PayPal is the most popular and reliable service to send and receive money online – you must have heard its name and many of you are also using it. Today when we purchase anything on the Internet, we definitely get the option of PayPal in the payment method. People doing most of online business use PayPal only to receive Payment Send – Receive. Today we will learn about this in Detail.

What is PayPal

A service called Paypal was launched to easily transact money on the Internet. PayPal Online is a company facilitating Money Transactions. It has its Headquarter in California, United States and started in 1998. For the past 17 years, PayPal is the most trusted company to conduct online money transactions worldwide. This company is Worldwide Active. PayPal is also available in India, however due to RBI guidelines there are some restrictions on PayPal in India but you can easily send and receive payment.

If you are selling your products by creating an online website, then you can use PayPal to receive payment. Almost all online sellers are using it.
How to create an account on PayPal –

How To Create Paypal Account
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How to Create PayPal Account?

Anyone can use PayPal and it is absolutely free. If you pay with PayPal, then you do not have to pay any extra charge, just like you pay with Net Banking, Debit Card, you can do it with PayPal. You can send money to your Relatives and Receive for free. If you are selling your products online and using PayPal to receive payments, then you have to pay extra charges, as do other payment gateways. So let’s create a Free Account on PayPal.

Step 1: First of all go to and click on Sign-up. Here we will get 3 option.

select account type paypal

For Shoppers: Normal users like us and you use it. Through this account, we can send money. You can send money to your Relatives. You can do online shopping.
For Business: Use online business people of this account to sell their products.
For Freelancers: Freelancing of this account is done by those who offer online service and money.

Step 2: Select For Shoppers here and click on Continue.

If you want to send or receive your money, select For Business. For this, you have to do KYC of the account. In general, you can select For Shoppers and change later if needed.

Step 3: Now in the sign-up form you

paypal sign up form fill

Choose your country, enter your Email ID and enter Strong Password. Email ID will be your login ID. – Click on Continue.

Step 4: Now you have to fill-up your information in the details in the next sign up form. In this you –

how to create paypal account

Enter the same name as the name in your Bank Passbook.
Enter your birth date.
Select your nationality and country.
Enter your address
Enter your Mobile Number

Now create an account by clicking on “Agree and Create Account” by ticking on I Agree.

Step 5: In the next screen you will be asked about adding Credit / Debit Card, here you can add your card details and add it to PayPal, or later to do this “I’ll link my card later” You can skip by clicking on

Congratulations have become your PayPal Account. Now open your Email ID, open PayPal email message, click on Confirm Link and login by entering the password on

To make full use of PayPal, you have to complete all the tasks which include Tasks like Email Verify, Mobile Number Verify, Add Credit Card, Add Bank Account, Add Pan Card. After ADD to all these things, you can send money on PayPal, receive it, do online shopping.

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