What is Backlink? Create 2 Dofollow Backlink Trick

What is Backlink

In this article, we are going to discuss about What is Backlink and what are types of backlink and What is DoFollow Backlink and nofollow backling

If Your blog is on blogger or on WordPress, to rank it in search engine or to say that we have to create high quality backlink to bring organic traffic to your site.

Now what is backlink, what is dofollow backlinks, what is no nofollow backlinks and how is the right way to make these questions, you will get answers to all these questions here.

If you are working on your blog whether that blog is on blogger or wordpress, then Do Follow and nofollow backlinks help a lot in ranking the web pages of our site in the search engine.

What is backlink?

When we put the link of our web page in any other web pages, it is called backlink and we can say that I got a backlink.

 Now we can give our link to other web pages as a comment or you can give a profile on that site or give it as a guest post, then we get a backlink.

Search engine ranking only provides web pages with maximum high quality backlink, therefore we should also try to make good quality back links.

What are types of backlink?

Backlink is mainly of two types, first Do Follow Backlink and second No Follow Backlink but depending on the quality, they are divided into different parts, which we will know below.

What is DoFollow Backlink?

Dofollow backlink is a kind of link juice and through this link Google’s crawler comes by crawling on your site and when the authority of the web pages on which you created the backlink is high then the crawler count your site in good site Does.

By the way, all backlink do follow but many people give no follow back link by giving it no follow tag.

What is Backlink

What is NoFollow Backlink?

No follow backlink will give you traffic but it does not make any sense to Google because this link is not juice.

For example, if you have created a follow backlink for your web pages on any other web pages, then any user will click on that link, then it will come to your site, ie you will get traffic but Google’s crawler will not crawl it. .

Because no no follow backlink does not give any signal to the search engine, then no follow back link will not affect your site ranking.

But along with dofollow backlink, it is also necessary to create no follow backlink or else Google considers it as spamming, if you are only creating dofollow backlink then it will have a bad effect on your site.

There are many tools available with the help of which you can check how many Do Follow and no no follow backlink for your site so far.

But if the backlink you have created is not indexed in Google, then it will not show in these tools, Google crawler crawls it after a few days of creating the backlink, and then it is indexed only after being indexed Also shows in the tool.

So far, we have learned about the type of Backlink, now we will further learn about the quality of both types of Backlink.

If you want to see DoFollow and nofollow backlink of your website separately then you can use semrush paid tool.

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You can make high quality backlink for your site by following the things mentioned in this post.

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